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TaxSolvers LLC

Solving tax issues for Individuals and Businesses around the United States since 1996

(A Division of TaxSavers-completed over 40,000 tax returns)

Accepting 60 tax problem clients a year


IRS Approved Solutions (Must Qualify…Every Scenario is Unique)

Don’t get ripped off by a Late Night Infomercial that charges THOU$AND$

for a ‘Solution’ the IRS/State will NEVER APPROVE

Partial Pay Installment Agreements

Currently Not Collectable

Offer In Compromise

Injured Spouse

Current Year and Past Year Tax Returns

Highly Skilled Federally Licensed by the US Treasury

Enrolled Agent

81% Savings vs an Attorney

Fixed Fee

Upfront Pricing

No Shenanigans

More Service

Less Fee

TaxSolvers LLC features

We are Nationwide

We ONLY accept cases we KNOW we can win based on our 20+ years of experience.

We cannot guarantee results (Nobody can)

We CAN Guarantee our effort!

We will tell you the strategy & timeline we expect a solution.

Know that we cannot make any taxing authority move faster!

Virtual Meeting via Zoom (From Anywhere)

You can also TEXT US. (Try that with an attorney!)

Fixed Fee Pricing. You Never Talk to IRS or State

You will deal with the SAME PERSON throughout your case

Tax Problems video has NO SOUND

Saved my Husband over $250,000 in tax debt…best decision we ever made in our lives! TaxSolvers Rocks!

Name Withheld for Privacy

Fixed Fee Pricing

Current and Past (20 Years)

Personal Tax Returns (Per Year)


Includes IRS Power of Attorney

Digital IRS Data (Based on Availability)

Electronic Filing (where possible)

PERSONAL Research and Resolve

(Small Business starts at DOUBLE)


Penalty Abatements

Letter Responses

Never talk to IRS/ State (We do it for you)

Tax Return Preparation NOT Included

Zoom Meetings as Needed Included

Non refundable

All Clients Must Agree to our Engagement Letter And Respond in a

Timely Matter

Nationwide Texting

Electronic IRS Account Monitoring &

Affordable Contingency Fee Option


$150 is our contingency service flat fee minimum PLUS 25% of savings payable in FULL on Completion

Tax preparation fees NOT included

Not Valid for OIC or Injured Spouse

Annual Payroll

Up to 5 Employees

Includes Direct Deposit

No Escrow

Flexible Pay Schedules

Electronic Paystub delivery

Independent Contractors OK

$499 per YEAR

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