Bank Levy

Unfreeze Your Bank Account

Take Back Your Financial Freedom from the IRS

Has your tax debt resulted in the IRS, or other state agencies filing a Levy on your bank account? A Bank Levy freezes your account, potentially leaving you unable to pay your bills, your rent or mortgage, your car payment, or to provide for your family.

If you have received notice that your accounts have been levied, it is imperative that you take immediate action as the bank will set aside the funds in your account for only 21 days before remitting them to the IRS.

This 21 day period allows us time to negotiate with the IRS to request a release of the funds from Levy and unfreeze your bank account. After the 21 day period, the bank sends the money to the government and it is gone! There is nothing we can do at that point unless you overpaid the taxes.