Our clients are very important to us and these FAQs are to help our clients get a better understanding of our services.

Start To Finish Service

We are fully committed to helping our clients find a resolution to their tax problems. We do require our clients to cooporate by sending us needed paperwork and by doing other tasks necessary to fulfill certain goals. If the client has stopped communication with us or has failed to do what has been asked of them, then we cannot do our job efficiently and we lose leverage with the IRS on their case. If the client goes inactive and does not complete tasks within 1 month, we reserve the right to give back the case to the client without refund.

24 Hour IRS Contact

If we can get your paperwork by 12pm (Pacific Time) Mon-Thurs we will contact the IRS on your behalf within 24hrs. If paperwork is turned in on Friday or a Holiday, the start time of the 24hr period will start on the next available work day.

Guarantee of Services

There are many things we can do to help you with your tax problems. Unfortunately, there isn’t any guarantee we can give you since every tax situation is different. We are very good at what we do and we think you’ll be happy with the end results!

You will get REGULAR updates on the progress of your case.

Our prioprietary, secure, electronic technology DIRECT with the I.R.S. gives us access to critical case specific details when the IRS makes decisions that impact YOUR CASE…long before the I.R.S. sends a LETTER out via the U.S. mail.

We will never base our fees on the amount of tax you owe. Our all-inclusive fee is based on a conservative estimate of time and work needed to conclude your case.

We will always explore all avenues to reduce your tax debt, but we will not waste your time or money on something we know won’t work.

We will fulfill what we have agreed to do for you, as long as you honor the terms of our agreement, including requested data from you and will fight for the absolute best results obtainable.

Flat Rate Pricing

We offer “Flat Rate Pricing” under the bounds of our packages, which we go over in detail with clients.

Our package pricing is proprietary for our clients ONLY, and you only pay for required services.

Recurring Payments

We do prefer payment in full! But, If you are one of the lucky few we allow to make payments, it will be to your best interest to pay off the balance ASAP! Work will not be finished until full payment is received. Many times the work can be expedited and better deals can be reached with the IRS if we have nothing stopping us from working for you!


You have 72 hrs to cancel services unless work on an “Investigation” or “Resolution” has begun. Refunds will be prorated depending on the amount of work performed.

Our Mailing Address is:  TaxSolvers LLC

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