NOTHING to hide.  We call it TransparenceFee.

Dealing with the IRS can be frustrating and time consuming. In 24 hrs, we can stop calls, letters, and garnishments. We will then get to work on fighting the IRS on your behalf, to lower your tax debt or eliminate it!  Your PROTECTION starts the moment we are hired!

If you are behind on taxes and need to get them filed, we can help! Our Tax EXPERTS have completed over 40,000 tax returns and we will go through the details and make sure you get them done right.

We start with a FREE EVALUATION of your case which generally takes 45 to 60 minutes with you.  If you are deemed to be a good fit for our services… (We only ACCEPT 60 NEW cases a year)…

We’ll move on to the


If you don’t know where you’re at with the IRS, then a Case Investigation is a great place to start. The “Case Investigation” is where we will search out all the details of your situation with the IRS. Sometimes there can be details or issues you don’t even know about. Once we find out all the details, we will have a written report for you to know what you need to do to solve your issue.  We’ll present this Roadmap to Resolution to you, IN WRITING, so you can fully KNOW what needs to be done to get the IRS out of your life.   We use proprietary (and legal) technology to find out every piece of data which the IRS has in your case, once you sign a Power of Attorney with us…and you usually don’t need to have the original documents. There is no obligation to go forward after the Case Investigation, but we will be more than happy to go against the IRS on your behalf! We have been able to help many clients lower their debt or even eliminate it!

The results of your Case Investigation, PHASE ONE (which normally takes 48-72 hours after the IRS has processed your Power of Attorney) will then reveal the best course of action for us to take on your behalf, and that associated service pricing, for strategies with the highest probability of success, based on your situation.

A Case Investigation is required of ALL clients.

The Compliance Phase (Phase Two) is where any outstanding tax returns are completed, and filed.  These fees are quoted on a flat fee basis as needed for your case.  The IRS REQUIRES you are in compliance BEFORE considering ANY resolution options.  No negotiations can begin on your behalf until this happens.  No matter what anyone may tell you.

The Resolution Phase (Phase THREE) is where we agressively attempt to implement the recommended, agreed upon strategy, discussed in your Case Investigation.

With your understanding and approval UP FRONT, IN ADVANCE, we will then proceed with NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

***   OFFER IN COMPROMISE SERVICES ONLY QUOTED if WE determine you qualify under current IRS program requirements and are a good candidate.  If your Case Investigation reveals you are a good candidate, then we will present it to you as an option.  EVERYONE on the planet WANTS an OFFER IN COMPROMISE, HOWEVER THE CURRENT IRS APPROVAL RATE is 40% NATIONWIDE.  We want to recommend the BEST AVAILABLE STRATEGY for YOU BASED ON YOUR CASE…not a strategy that the IRS REJECTS 60% of the time no matter what firm files it.  We want to SOLVE your problem, not take your money for a strategy that has a high likelihood of rejection by the IRS if you do not meet very specific guidelines.

Tax Problem Specialists – We Fight The IRS For You




Don’t get trapped by fees and unknown costs! We know our business very well and don’t need to give our clients the run around.

We’re Real People.  Real Experts.  And our clients get REAL HELP.



Your Tax Problems + Our EXPERT help = SOLVED

We will take over your case within 24 hrs and you will then have a personal agent acting as your mediator. We will get to work on the resolution process and fight your case with the IRS. We will make sure your interests are protected and find the best solutions for your situation.

  • Stop getting harassed by the IRS and have our people do the talking.

  • Take Over Your Case Within 24 hours

  • Audit Services

  • Stop IRS Garnishments

  • Penalty Abatements

  • We Will Complete Back Taxes

Our fee structure is straight forward and simple to understand.

Each client is unique, with a unique set of issues.

As a result, our pricing is INDIVIDUALIZED based ONLY on the SPECIFIC SERVICES you require.

We will be happy to disclose our fees AFTER we meet with you as a part of our CASE INVESTIGATION, once we know the precise details of your case.  We CANNOT give you a quote without a full understanding of your case.

In the same way a map is useless unless you know where you are going, so is a fee quote without a good understanding of the EXACT help you need.