No Interest on Our Fees

Peace of Mind Representation

Fees and payment options vary among tax resolution firms. Some firms require all fees, or a large retainer, be paid up front before starting your case. Other firms work on the case only to the extent fees are paid in advance. Others require that clients sign a Promissory Note and charge interest.

We do things differently at TaxSolvers.

At TaxSolvers, we estimate the cost of services to be provided and then allow our clients to pay for some services over a reasonable period of time, and we do not charge interest. We do not require our clients to sign a Promissory Note.

It is our belief, and experience, that if clients are treated fairly and respectfully, we will get paid in due time. That’s why our clients enjoy not only interest-free financing, payment arrangements, but also aren’t having their representation restricted by having to continually come up with large retainers based upon the activity level of their case. Our results build loyalty and trust with our clients.

We strongly believe in representation for anyone who desires to end their tax problems for good. All clients are provided an “Engagement Letter,” which spells out what we are going to do, how we charge for services to be rendered, and how you, as the client, will pay to get the tax resolution service you deserve.