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Local Realtors, Partner with us and INSTANTLY have your own FEDERALLY LICENSED tax back office
Reach us PRIVATELY at 702 996-7112 at our direct line for questions.

We can pull client IRS records all the way back to 1990, wage transcripts, Record of Account, IRS letters and communications that your client forgot about, pitched in the trash, were burned in a house fire, etc. We can get MUCH more information from the IRS than just a signed Form 4506T.
Our Federal license and IRS contacts can often mean we can get IRS client data faxed to us SAME DAY…as long as IRS systems are functional. (Not on weekends.)

All it takes is a simple 2 page Power of Attorney (IRS Only), a Form 7216 IRS disclosure and our Engagement Letter signed by your client to put us to work on their behalf.

Your client pays our fees directly to us to solve their tax issues.
You just refer them to us, at no cost to you…with no obligation.

We reserve the right to ask your client for a retainer deposit.

Tax returns can be completed and filed by our firm in as little as 48 hours, with necessary documentation. We’ll do everything we can to legally help your client, and you, with your deal.

Implementation costs you NOTHING.

We are available FREE via SECURE real time video conferencing to your clients on their smartphone, tablet, or webcam enabled computer from ANYWHERE to discuss and SOLVE their personal tax issues, by appointment only, please.

We accept 60 cases a year to maximize our success and maintain personalized services, based in Henderson, NV, licensed nationwide.

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