Delinquent Payroll Taxes Are Aggressively Pursued By The IRS and Put Many Companies Out of Business.

Let Us Help Yours.

The IRS,  and other state agencies take payroll tax debt very seriously. Delinquent Employment Payroll Taxes can result in the assessment of substantial penalties and interest along with the seizure of assets including liquidation of the business.

Payroll taxes in particular are the most aggressively collected and penalized of all tax types—Federal and State Payroll Tax laws give the government much greater power to try to recover what is owed. This authority includes the ability to collect the payroll liabilities from business owners, officers and even employees personally.

Contact us as soon as possible if your business is experiencing federal or State Payroll Tax Problems or a Payroll Tax Audit. Any discussion you have or information you provide to the IRS or State tax agency can be used in an attempt to collect the delinquent tax. For example, providing a list of accounts receivable gives the IRS or State a source to Levy.

Our Enrolled Agent will fight for you to reduce the amount you owe and keep your business operating. Our tax and payroll backgrounds give us the knowledge to restructure your business in a way to allow for resolution.

Once your issue is cleared up, our payroll division may be able to keep you in compliance in the future.

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